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What Makes Koala ABA So Special?

Who We Are

We are dedicated team of parents, skilled BCBA, BCaBA, RBT, LMHC, MD, educators, and executives passionately committed to unlocking the full potential of children and adolescents living with Autism, and other developmental diagnosis. Through our proprietary behavioral modification technique, grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we provide a positive and structured environment for growth. Our KOALAFIEDTM approach fosters learning and development. Together, we build a brighter future, creating a supportive community where every child thrives.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional and holistic care to our clients, acknowledging their individual needs with utmost respect and responsiveness. Through education, innovation, and clinical collaboration, we strive to enrich the lives of all those we encounter, leaving a positive impact in the community we serve.


At the core of our vision lies the commitment to enrich the lives of individuals on the spectrum. By optimizing and enhancing neurological connections within the brain, we pave the way for transformative outcomes. Our pioneering KOALAFIEDTM approach harmoniously blends traditional ABA treatment techniques with cutting-edge technology, creating a powerful and effective path to success. Together, we embrace innovation to empower every individual and nurture a future of boundless possibilities.