New Beginnings: Year, 2021

Fate brought Mr. Pedro Curbelo and Caridad Bouza Merida together at a local networking event. Pedro’s dedication to his daughter’s autism journey ignited a deep-seated resolve to explore an innovative approach to Autism therapy. Years prior, he had conceptualized NeuroMod, a therapeutic model founded on ABA principles and EEG technology aimed at enhancing neuroplasticity in the brain. Cary, on the other hand, was resolute in preserving her late husband’s vision and her ABA agency’s growth, driving her to search for an entrepreneurial figure in the healthcare sector. 

 Pedro’s expertise in enterprise risk management, and healthcare practice Cary’s unwavering commitment, and NWDS’s team proficiency in Applied Behavior Analysis, including Jose’s patented techniques were the perfect match for a partnership, propelled Mr. Pedro Curbelo to acquire the agency. 

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