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Autism Evaluation

Koala ABA & Learning Centers specializes in conducting psychological and educational evaluations for individuals with or suspected of having autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our evaluations are carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual based on their age and specific referral concerns. Our team includes a bilingual Spanish-speaking psychologist and behavior practitioners who can provide evaluations, reports, and consultations in Spanish.

Below are samples of the different Evaluations we provide:

Koala ABA & Learning Centers
Koala ABA & Learning Centers

For children between 5 - 17 years old

Autism Evaluation Samples

  1. Developmental Evaluation (18 months to 5 years): Designed for young children with concerns related to communication, language, social functioning, or possible signs of ASD. This evaluation includes:
    • Utilizing gold standard ASD diagnostic measures (e.g., ADOS-2, ADI-R) to assess behavioral symptoms associated with ASD.
    • Comprehensive developmental testing to evaluate language, cognitive abilities, daily living skills, and motor skills.
    • Assessment of emotional and behavioral functioning to understand behavioral patterns, emotional regulation, and coping skills.
  2. Psychological/Diagnostic Evaluation (6 years to 17 years):
    Offered to individuals from school-aged through adulthood with concerns about social and communication skills or suspected ASD. This evaluation involves:
    • Incorporating gold standard ASD diagnostic measures.
    • Conducting comprehensive cognitive testing to assess thinking and problem-solving abilities, including verbal reasoning, visual/spatial reasoning, memory, abstract reasoning, and processing speed.
    • Assessing adaptive functioning to determine an individual’s independence in daily living and self-care tasks.
    • Evaluation of emotional and behavioral functioning, including behavioral assessment, attention, motivation, emotional regulation, and coping skills.
  3. Psycho-educational (6 years – young adults in school/college):
    • Targeted at school-aged individuals with clinical concerns related to academic and school functioning. This evaluation combines components of the Psychological/Diagnostic Evaluation with additional testing focused on academic functioning, such as reading, written language, mathematical skills, comprehension, problem-solving style, and memory for academic information.
  4. Re-evaluations: (18 months to 21 years of age):
    • Following a comprehensive assessment, families are invited back to Koala ABA & Learning Centers for follow-up evaluations. Many children return every 2 years during their school years for comprehensive re-evaluation, ensuring that recommendations are up to date.