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Center-Based Therapy

Center-Based Therapy

Our Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention services are designed to empower students within the classroom, fostering their success and growth. By providing personalized support, our highly skilled Koalafied professionals ensure that each student receives the assistance they need to excel in their educational journey. Discover the transformative benefits of our evidence-based interventions rooted in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.

For children between 5 - 17 years old

Center-Based Therapy

Comprehensive Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention:Under the Center-Based Therapy service delivery model, our dedicated Koalafied Behavior Intervention Analyst professionals provide one-on-one support to students in the classroom. Collaborating with the school team, our Koalafied Behavior Therapists contribute to the design of individualized plans, supervise program implementation, and track progress towards established goals.

Flexible Virtual Services:
We understand the evolving needs of students and schools, which is why our Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention services can also be provided virtually when necessary. Our remote interventions ensure continuity of support, even in challenging circumstances.

ABA-Based Approach to Behavior Intervention:
Our Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention Services are rooted in applied behavior analysis (ABA), a scientifically proven methodology for understanding and modifying behavior. By leveraging ABA techniques, we focus on enhancing language and communication skills, improving attention and concentration, and reducing problem behaviors. We tailor our interventions to each student’s interests and strengths, using structured and natural learning opportunities to facilitate growth. Through positive reinforcement and goal-focused treatment, we empower students to access the school curriculum effectively.

Ongoing Progress Monitoring and Individualized Treatment Plans:
We are committed to measuring progress and collecting data throughout the intervention process to ensure the effectiveness of our strategies. Our Koalafied professionals analyze the data to make informed adjustments to the Individual Treatment Plan, guaranteeing continued educational progress and maximizing outcomes.

Payment Options:In most cases, Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention services are covered by federal, state, and local school districts. These services are included in a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) when deemed appropriate by the school team. Additionally, we offer self-pay arrangements, allowing parents, caregivers, or other individuals to directly access our services.

Special Information for School District Representatives:
As a preferred Medicaid Provider agency with over 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for school districts across the region. Our expertise in delivering ABA-Based Behavior Modification Services ensures comprehensive support for your Center-Based Therapy program. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in implementing effective interventions.

At Koala ABA & Learning Centers, we are dedicated to empowering students through our Center-Based Therapy Behavior Intervention services. Enhance classroom success and create an inclusive learning environment by partnering with us. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can support your school district’s needs.

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