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A Koala is Born: Year, 2022

In 2022, amid a transformative rebranding and restructuring, Alina Garza-Montesino joined as a partner and Chief Financial Officer, strengthening our leadership team.    Today, KOALA ABA & LEARNING CENTERS proudly stands as a symbol of inclusive education, pioneering ABA techniques, and collaborative clinical excellence. 

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New Beginnings: Year, 2021

Fate brought Mr. Pedro Curbelo and Caridad Bouza Merida together at a local networking event. Pedro’s dedication to his daughter’s autism journey ignited a deep-seated resolve to explore an innovative approach to Autism therapy. Years prior, he had conceptualized NeuroMod, a therapeutic model founded on ABA

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Year, 2014-2020

Data Innovation Trademark: Year, 2014   Working with our dedicated team, an internal data collection system based on an assessment tool was created. The endeavor showcased a data collection system whose formulas were copy written in 2018.   Medicaid Trusted Provider: Year, 2019   The agency earned recognition

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Advocacy & Justice: Year, 2009

Attorneys from Florida Legal Services, Inc. and Legal Services of Greater Miami approached the Agency, inviting our founder to collaborate on a trial presentation for one of their plaintiffs scheduled for March 2012. Jose, in close coordination with a BCBA, worked diligently on the case, with

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A Foundation of Love: Year, 2008

Jose & Cary’s love to serve those in need reverberated through the establishment of a 501c3 non-profit organization, A Better Day Therapy, Learning Center, Inc., which now stands as The Koala Foundation. Their commitment to children’s academic excellence, regardless of their challenges, laid a foundation of

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A Paradigm Shift: Year, 1999

The year 1997 marked a transformative shift as State-run facilities closed their doors, leading to the rise of small group homes. In this evolving landscape, Jose’s vision took flight. In 1999, he became the visionary founder of New Way Day Services, Inc. (NWDS), a haven for

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The Genesis of a Hero: Year, 1993

More than 23 years ago, our founding father, Jose A. Merida embarked on a path that would shape the destinies of countless families. In 1993, he earned the title of Florida Certified Behavior Analyst (FLCBA), this wasn’t just a professional achievement; it was a testament to

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