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Speech therapy at Koala ABA & Learning Centers addresses various language and communication challenges, with a special focus on helping children with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication skills. Our goal is to enable all children to communicate in more effective and functional ways, especially those living with autism. We aim to overcome communication barriers and achieve greater communication success through our KOALAFIEDTM speech therapy services.

Speech Overview

Each child’s communication and speech-related challenges are unique. Some children on the autism spectrum may struggle to speak, while others may have difficulty holding conversations or understanding body language and facial expressions during communication.

The KOALAFIEDTM Speech Therapy Program: Individualized and Effective

At Koala ABA & Learning Centers, our speech therapy program commences with a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a highly trained speech-language pathologist (SLP). The evaluation helps identify the individual’s communication strengths and challenges, allowing the SLP to create personalized therapy goals.

Common therapy goals may include:

  • Improving spoken language
  • Developing nonverbal skills, such as signs or gestures
  • Learning alternative communication methods, such as pictures or technology, to facilitate communication.
  • Key Focus Areas in Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy sessions encompass a range of essential skills tailored to each individual’s needs, including:

  • Strengthening the muscles in the mouth, jaw, and neck for improved articulation.
  • Enhancing clarity in speech sounds.
  • Recognizing and matching emotions with the appropriate facial expressions.
  • Understanding and interpreting body language cues from others.
  • Developing the ability to respond to questions effectively.
  • Associating pictures with their meanings to enhance communication.
  • Utilizing speech apps on devices like iPads to produce the correct words.
  • Modulating the tone of voice for effective communication.
  • Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC)

We recognize that some children living with autism may find using alternative communication methods more effective than speaking. Our KOALAFIEDTM speech-language pathologists can determine the most suitable AAC method for each child living with autism and provide comprehensive training on how to use the method effectively for communication. This approach, known as Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC), includes methods such as:

  • Sign language
  • Picture exchange communication system (PECS)
  • iPads with specialized communication apps
  • Speech output devices like Dynavox

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